"He was just somebody I used to know."

“Once and for all, caring faded into ignoring. It felt like emptying the clouds from rain in a time when the earth needed it the most. It felt more like sucking heat out of my body, the thing which made me shiver as he stroke my bare soul. In brief, It hurt. However, I wasn’t desperate, I was disappointed, persuaded that some of people are two-faced because no one has completely pure intentions. That’s when I realized It was the end of a line. As we all know, everything has a start and an ending that was in my case sad. Now, I don’t mind that at all , in fact I don’t give a care if someone doesn’t “care” anymore. Because LIFE goes on and I can learn how to overpass emotional struggles… My words lost the ability to express my in-depth knowledge of the wrong matter and the thing that was going on, since what he spoke became lifeless and cold. I left his field after many attempts to gather what was separated. Too bad, It didn’t work. I just couldn’t repair the damages since the basis was already wrecked. Funny how people quickly change into ones you barely know. Perhaps I’m na├»ve, but at least I don’t own different masks to wear during different periods of time, to deceive people and take them down. I’m better than that…
Light was dull in his raw world. And murk is all that pervaded his heart, which was tragic. My picture burst into fire among his bittersweet memories. And the smoke that rose only made his mind misty and suffocating. I couldn’t guess what his thoughts were in the first place. They were enigmatic. And I wasn’t the kind of girl who likes dealing with mystery and complications. I chose to wipe him off of my heart as he wiped me off of his mind. I should only seek my happiness, when it does no longer exist in a certain place, I should intend to move on in another. In the end, he was just somebody I used to know.” Said a girl with an unbroken heart.

Salma H.