Another mind scratch

Whatever has been flown into my heart like a fragile white Dandelion, has swiftly flown away with the windy storm that his back-and-forth communication made…
I was caught in the middle, waiting like a detained bird hoping that its wings will feel freedom again amongst the gentlness of the breeze…I was laying on a frosty ground, hoping that the sunlight of his world will warm up the place…But it never did. Those hopes were only and gradually being blown away, every time I discovered something new about his sacred world. And when I finally plucked up to expel what was making my heart feels so tight and narrow, he gave me space. A space I never asked for. The only space I needed was the space between the fake words he said. I was seeing colors everywhere, even in the somber corners of the city. Suddenly, colors became lifeless, dying slowly and turning into shades of grey just like those words…
Feelings crossed my heart as if it is atlantic ocean. For a while, they achored in a dark spot. Then, they disappeared under the light of the beacon and above the unsteadiness of that ocean…
Feelings are an introspective experience of the soul. You could never perceive whether they’re turning your life into heaven or hell. You could never tell whether they’re painting skies light happy blue or dark mournful blue. However, the only thing you’ll be able to comprend is the hidden sides of your true self. You’ll be able to distinguish the sides you’ve been afraid to show…
And so, to the person who’s reading this, never be afraid of showing your feelings and never hesitate to pour what’s in your heart before it’s too late… Before the tickets to your favorite destination are all sold out and all the gates are closed. Make your own happiness by shaking off what’s making you feel uncomfortable.


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