A historical close-up:Part I

The luxurious cloaks floating gently on the red ornamented carpet in two opposites rows, the traditional turbans leaning down in the aisle like withered roses and the confetti was raining heavier than on a wet winter night …The scene was mute, not even a hushed din was audible, nor the vociferous excitement of the pampered… Continue reading A historical close-up:Part I


Take me back to the start…

The rain drops felt heavy on my head, It hallowed out my mind like a stone, In a way that caused your pastel memories to sled down my spine and then left to be thrown in a fountain of lost wishes and faded images. and of misty stories from different past tenses… It took me… Continue reading Take me back to the start…

A year hence.

A year hence, I’ll distinguish between the Polaris and the Asterism. The swarm of wounds and woes will make me a constellation guru. Sitting on the roof, succumbing to the blue obscurity above me as fatalism. And I’d perpetually eject spaced words of sad poetry about the ongoing overview. Until the flow of words endure… Continue reading A year hence.