What if…?

Sometimes, your body is drawn up into an acerbic helix of memories of unwanted places…Sometimes, even laws of attraction fail to keep you on earth…And sometimes, you can’t escape nightmares even if you’re wide awake… As Sore as it sounds, it can get even sorer, when the truth perch on the surface…And abruptly, water’s mellowness becomes a piercing din…Suddenly, blue turn into light grey…Suddenly, your inside feels empty wet, as if all the oceans are shed into your body…As if your soul is drenched in cold water…
Jumbled up facts, counterfeit bonds and cobbled hearts…Convenient for human nature…For what human beings are capable of and for what their world is made of. And as unfortunate as it sounds, it can get even sadder, when right becomes peculiar and wrong becomes favourable familiar…When your dreams are your only chivalric saver…And the past is your only august companion…When everyone is trekking to picturesque places, but you still can’t find your favourite destination…
Sometimes, your mind is plaid with unsought souvenirs. No matter how far you flee, they follow you around like disturbing silhouettes…Sometimes, water becomes safer than land…And sometimes, solitude feels more soothing than friendship…As odd as it sounds, it can get odder when vacancy seems to get never occupied…When the lights become acrid… And loving words turn into utter rawness…
Non-respected austere rules, unjust justice and mocked righteousness…Convenient for a cruel world with blood-sucking creatures…For people who don’t fear God…For sinful men with wicked brains…
But what if one day, everything changes? What if one day, people are all peaceful and good?…


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