Bestial thinking.

The air of the room was getting more and more suffocating with every word I let out. Like leaking gas asphyxiating you, seeping through your respiratory system, as you’re leisurely losing your consciousness without even realizing it…The walls were closing in on my mind. All the chaotic thoughts were getting compressed like an old junk… Continue reading Bestial thinking.


The mystery blogger award

I was honestly so surprised to be nominated by the very talented Tamara Rockicki from the blog Tamara Rokicki, but mostly so happy and so honored because it means that our bloggers community is a melting pot. No matter where are you from, your voice will be always heard, even when English isn’t your first… Continue reading The mystery blogger award

Social schizophrenia.

schizophrenia aka a mental illness that generates delusional perceptions in the mind of the concerned individual…The mental disease cause in his brain a war where casualties are the mere facts and the reality that was once well perceived. After the attack, illusion and delusion become unified to create something from nothing inside the individual processor;… Continue reading Social schizophrenia.

Thoughts about dreams.

Played back scenes from the past, an unlimited long carpet rolling under your running feet, a hill where you can’t rid of a non-existing beast and the weakness of your legs that don’t allow you to flee until you open your eyes and realize it was just a weird bad dream…Some things cannot be explained,… Continue reading Thoughts about dreams.


Thoughts: thoughts are like a garrulous friend; a one you can’t bare its never-ending-senseless-conversations... A trivial discussions about closed cases and overlapping topics like the curls of your hair that haven't been brushed for two days… A scattered words and grammatically mistaken expressions, which annoy your brain… Irritating questions and aggravating reminders that make you… Continue reading Thoughts.